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Antoinette & Dingdong Forever!
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News and Gossip

Here's the scoop...


Nakapagrecord na ng kanyang album sa Hollywood! Mukhang talagang umaasenso na ang ating prinsesa!

Bumalik pala ng Pilipinas si Toni at d2 na nag pasko at bagong taon

Maski marami ang nagsasabing si Karylle na ang bagong lady love sa buhay ni Dingdong... marami ang hindi naniwala sapagkat alam na nang lahat ang tungkol kay Antoinette...

Contributed by Erica

Sorry guys kung tagal akong ndi nkakapagupdate ha! i've been busy kc sa school... pro i keep myself updated naman with whats happening... so sorry talaga... if i have any ideas to put here... i wont hesitate to do it. cause toni rockz!

Karylle and Dingdong... an Official Couple???

I'm sure most of you have about the "rumored" break up of antoinette nd dd... nd na c karylle na ang bagong babae sa buhay ni dong... and that they acctually anounced it to the public suring their prescon for encantadia... but this is what i have noticed....

1) Is it just coincidence na kung kelan prinopromote nila ang encantadia dun lang cla???

2) Why are they rarely seen together outside???

3) How come they're not as sweet with each other unless they are told to by their fellow actors/actresses???

4) What kind of person who's in love would forget the date that they officialy became a couple???

5) They said they were allready together during holy week... but how come toni... in her messages in startxt nd fanatxt... she says its so nice to be in love... don't forget to watch encantadia and sop... and thats shes very happy???

These are just things that I noticed... and are not confirmed... so its your choice kung anong paniniwalaan nyo... kung gimmick lng toh o totohanan na... bsta for me... sila prin! TONI AND DONG RULZ!! \m/

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

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Antoinette and Dingdong on screen and real life!Toni-Dong forever!!