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Antoinette & Dingdong Forever!
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Antoinette's first movie was Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo produced by Regal Films. She was introduced together with her brother Tom and Sarah Jane Abad (Kaye Abad's younger sister). The movie starred big names like Lorna Tolentino (said to be Antoinette's look-alike), Gabby Concepcion, Zsazsa Padilla and Edu Manzano. The movie was directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya (Rizal, Muro Ami). All the three kids were nominated as best child performers in various award giving bodies.

Antoinette did a few comedy movies. But her most notable movie when she was young was the remake of Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara with Dawn Zulueta, Lorna Tolentino and Tonton Gutierrez for Star Cinema. Through this film, she was nominated along with Jaclyn Jose as Best Supporting Actress. Her highest acting nomination so far.

When Toni signed up for Viva Films, she did a movie with Mayor Vilma Santos. She also did three teeny-bopper movies with the same company.

Her most recent (but unfortunately forgettable) films were for FLT Films.


2002 Sana ay Ikaw na nga                                     2001 Carta Alas
2001 Tabi-Tabi Po
2000 Kiss Mo 'Ko
1999 Honey My Love So Sweet
1998 I'm Sorry My Love
1997 Hanggang Ngayon Ika'y                                        
1997 Click                                                           1996 Tago ka Na                                                   1996 Anna Karenina                                               1995 TGIS 
1995 Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara
1990's Hindi pa Tapos ang Labada Darling
1990's Greggy and Boogie
1993 Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo                                     
1992 Ang Tv

Kiss Mo 'Ko!!
2000 (ViVa)

Kiss Mo 'Ko
A movie with Sunshine Dizon and Polo Ravales

Isang storya na pakikiligin at kikilitiin kyo to the bones...

Dingdong's Hall Fame

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